Friday, 1 May 2009

Barroso and I - European elections

Euronews in European elections – EPP backs Barros mandate II tells us:

“The center-right European People’s Party has given public backing to the re-appointment of Jose Manuel Barroso for a second term as the president of the European Commission.

The EPP’s unanimous decision came at the end of the party’s two-day congress in Warsaw, at which it launched its European Parliament election campaign.”


What has this backing to do with me?

It is no great surprise that Barroso’s own political fraction, the European People’s Party (EPP), endorses a new five year term for him at the helm of the Commission.

However, in the spirit of the Treaty of Lisbon and within the possibilities of the Treaty of Nice, I had expected each political party at European level to nominate its own candidate for the post.

There are no other words for it: The Socialists, the Liberals, the Greens and other Europarties have defected.

Martin Schulz seems to have forgotten that the nomination of the President of the Commission has to be approved by the European Parliament.

Graham Watson is deflecting interest by campaigning for the post of President of the European Parliament.

The Greens have said that they dislike Barroso, but they have failed to find an alternative.

“Holy Alliance”

Members of the European Council, heads of state or government, have incapacitated their own Europarties in order to relieve the EU citizens from the burden of influencing the future course of the Commission and by extension the European Union.

“North Korea”

Long before these quisling acts, I made a public promise to vote for the Europarty with the best top candidate.

Now I face a North Korean style choice.

Shall I vote for the only candidate available?

Or should I go back on my promise, because our national leaders have ridiculed even the limited choice they had signed up to and the Europarties have flunked the very cause of their existence?

Nobody but Barroso?

Who in his right mind can call the European elections 2009 an exercise in transnational democracy?

Ralf Grahn