Saturday, 2 May 2009

Who are Libertas? And what?

The Libertas web pages tell us that chairman Declan Ganley spoke at the Rome convention yesterday, but I have seen no record of when he was elected or by whom.

Was it the incoming chairman speaking, or the outgoing one?

Naturally, the convention is the place to elect the party leadership, its board or council and other officials and to approve its bylaws, as well as its political programmes.

At least in a movement obsessed by the alleged unaccountability and lack of transparency, openness and democracy of others.

The Libertas About Us page gives us a Brussels address and a telephone number, but not a word of the needed information about the party or its officials.

Did the convention vote? Who were voted in, and who failed? Where are the records of the votes?

Are there democratically legitimate office-holders?

It is astonishing. Reading the information provided by Libertas, we are unable to tell if it is a political party which follows democratic procedures or if it is the private puppet theatre of Mr Declan Ganley.

Democracy starts at home, even in the European Union. EU citizens have a right to require some proof of credibility from Libertas, intent on saving our continent in the European elections.

Ralf Grahn