Friday, 23 October 2009

English patriotism and the EU

I understand why the European mainstream in favour of integration has been less than enthusiastic about the campaign to make Tony Blair – a failed European – the first President of the European Council. More astonishing is the fact that William Hague, the Conservative shadow foreign secretary, has stupefied the ambassadors of the EU member states by proclaiming the possible election of Blair to be a hostile act against the Conservatives (Britain). Hague has had plenty of followers, trying their best to outdo him.

Newspapers have now speculated about the chances for the current UK foreign secretary David Miliband to become the new EU High Representative.

Miliband has since twittered that he is not available for the post, but some of the reactions from the right are astounding: Nile Gardiner on The Telegraph, Gawain Towler on the England Expects blog (UKIP) and the ECR MEP Daniel Hannan.

Exactly as with Blair, they put in a generous helping of venom and innuendo.

The political climate in England is amazing.

Ralf Grahn