Saturday, 3 October 2009

Respect for the Irish Lisbon Yes vote?

When all the Irish Lisbon 2009 referendum votes have been counted, the outcome is clear: Yes 67.1 per cent (1,214,268 votes), against 32.9 per cent (594,606 No votes). The swing to the Yes side was massive, 20.53 per cent.

The Irish were better informed after a long gestation period, the there was more energy in the Yes campaigns, and this time assurances from the European partners revealed misleading assertions, which had confused voters in the first referendum. The national Commissioner was a substantive promise.

The economic difficulties in Ireland highlighted that Ireland’s future lies in Europe. The voters were able to distinguish between the Lisbon Treaty/EU issue and the unpopularity of the present government.


Questions to rejectionists

Are you going to respect the Lisbon 2009 referendum vote by Ireland to approve the Treaty of Lisbon?

Are you going to respect the earlier approval of 26 national parliaments?

What are you going to help the Lisbon Treaty enter into force and to be put into practice according to the will of 27 democratic EU member states?

I am asking you:

Cóir/Youth Defence, Declan Ganley, Anthony Coughlan, British National Party BNP, Sinn Fein, UK Independence Party UKIP, Daniel Hannan, William Hague, David Cameron, UK Conservative Party, Rupert Murdoch, Nigel Farage, Nick Griffin, Vaclav Klaus, Jiri Oberfalzer and the other defeated Czech Senators.


All the member states of the European Union have now spoken. The Lisbon Treaty is a step on the road to a better Europe.

Are you ready to join the work for a better Europe?

Some respect for democratic decisions, please.

Ralf Grahn