Sunday, 11 October 2009

Vaclav Klaus and the EUSSR

The Czech President Vaclav Klaus has famously compared the European Union with the repressive Soviet system. (See, for instance: New Europe.)

Klaus has expressed loathing of the European Union his country has joined voluntarily, and of the amending Lisbon Treaty negotiated by its government and approved by its parliament.

Klaus has refused to sign the ratification instrument, until a belated new legal challenge by his supporters to the Czech Constitutional Court brought a temporary injunction against signing.

Klaus has kindled fears that the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union could somehow reinstate the property rights of expelled ethnic Germans.

Klaus has - more than two years after the treaty negotiations started - demanded an exemption from the EU Charter.

Klaus has precipitated the Czech Republic into a severe constitutional crisis.

Klaus has caused serious problems for the EU member states and the institutions of the European Union.


Where would Klaus be, if the European Union really functioned as the EUSSR some critics want to call it?

Ralf Grahn