Thursday, 1 October 2009

European Council President: Blair in and out in weeks?

Open Europe’s press summary today 1 October 2009 illustrates that political discussions are taking place in Europe with regard to the EU’s Lisbon Treaty. It is not the fault of Open Europe if the reports are contradictory:


The Sun quotes British government sources saying that European leaders could nominate Tony Blair as the President of the European Council within weeks, if Ireland votes Yes to the Lisbon Treaty tomorrow.


Read on and Open Europe’s press summary mentions The Times telling us that France and Germany unite to push Britain to EU sidelines. Franco-German backing for Tony Blair as President of the European Council is reported as a casualty of the deal.


“Pushing Britain to the sidelines” sounds a tad dramatic, given the country’s track record in European integration and the repeated announcements and actions by the leadership of the UK Conservative Party, David Cameron and William Hague, predicted to form the next government.

The Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende would probably be greeted more favourably than Tony Blair by large sections of EU citizens.

This is getting interesting.

Ralf Grahn