Sunday 5 October 2008

Global and European challenges

We are facing global and European level challenges: Kosovo, Georgia and the financial meltdown. Our security and prosperity is at stake.

Are national level responses the right answer?

Ralf Grahn


  1. I don't think that European circles are actually lacking the awareness that Member States need to work together and coordinate their efforts to cope with the current world. Even some eurosceptic would subscribe the principle. What our leaders refuse to acknowledge it's that such coordination cannot arise from intergovernmentalism. Until the real power lies in a summit of national governments there will be always some national interest conflicting and overcoming the European one.
    Sadly enough, time is running low and Europe is getting more and more irrelevant to world affairs and challenges.

  2. Igor,

    In my view, when the scale of the problems facing us is global or European, the European Union needs real powers to act.

    But real EU level powers require real EU level democracy: elections, parliament and government.


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