Friday 29 May 2009

Britain on the fringes of Europe ─ far from enough?

Labour Has Left Britain On The Fringes Of Europe, wrote shadow foreign secretary William Hague in The Spectator.

Hague is right, but what his posturing fails to communicate is that his and the Conservatives’ policies are even worse. Almost every Conservative promise would propel the UK even further away from the slipstream of Europe. Leaving the mainstream EPP-ED political group is but one example of a political party, which prefers to hang separately rather than together and which hails opinion polls at the expense of leadership.

The same recipes are proposed for the time when the Conservatives form the government, putting European integration in reverse.

Whatever the latest polls show, there is still a chance to start a discussion about the long term interests of Britain ahead of the European elections.

If not, perhaps the United Kingdom deserves a Conservative government and the consequential loss of friends and influence.

Ralf Grahn

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