Friday 22 May 2009

Euroskepticism and other creeds

The term Euroskeptic (or Eurosceptic) has been used misleadingly to lend adversaries of European integration an aura of intellectual respectability.

Here are a few suggestions for a new and more accurate political EU vocabulary in a UK context, ahead of the European elections.




Stronger Together Poorer Apart



Labour Party

Behind the slipstream of Europe, paring down the Lisbon Treaty and approving it with four opt-outs.




Campaigns to take the European Union back to the Treaty of Nice and to put an end to free movement.

Conservative Party

Wants to wreck the Lisbon Treaty, leave the mainstream EPP-ED parliamentary group and commence integration in reverse. The ones who love French wine and cheese and holidays on the Riviera may object to being called anti-Europeans, which however refers to their political views.



UKIP and BNP want Britain to exit.


Reasoned suggestions are welcome.

Ralf Grahn

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