Saturday 9 May 2009

European elections: The Libertas Collection

If contradictions are the stuff of drama, Declan Ganley and Libertas are well endowed. Chairman Ganley posed as pro-European, but his campaign sowed fear among the Irish against the European Union.

Ganley still calls himself a pro-European, but his spending spree has bought up bunches of narrow-minded rejectionists from the fringes of respectable politics.

In practical terms, Libertas does not to take the European Union back to the people of Europe, but back to the Treaty of Nice.

For the lovers of European dissonance, starring Declan Ganley, here is the vintage Libertas Collection.

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The latest from Libertas

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Declan Ganley and European elections 2009

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Is Libertas a European level party?

Soini owns up to joining Libertas

Libertas: Foul or foul-up?

European Parliament: Bureau – spider in the web

The elites who wrote the Lisbon Treaty

European elections: Soini LIbertas candidate?

EU : Special legislative procedure (III)

Libertas: What you can’t get

European elections: And the ELDR candidate is …?

Declan Ganley & Libertas: One big mess?

For Libertas Brussels is Washington

Libertas’s big catch: Lech Walesa

Who are Libertas? And what?

Declan Ganley & Libertas: A question of credibility

European elections: Libertas’ new accountability

European elections: Libertas’ principles – what do they mean?

European elections: Libertas and full disclosure?

European elections: LIbertas saving our money?

EU Lisbon Treaty countdown

European elections: Libertas disparages representative democracy

European elections: Libertas by bumpkins for dupes?


There was an alternative. If Declan Ganley had been serious about building a strong and democratic European Union, he could have used his talent and resources to forge a constructive alliance, practicing the virtues it preaches.

Ralf Grahn

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