Tuesday 12 May 2009

EU: Anyone But Barroso keeps growing

While the political parties at European level have been sitting on their hands ahead of the European elections, leaving the European People’s Party (EPP) with the only official candidate for the Commission Presidency, active European’s have been voicing their opinions against a repeat performance by José Manuel Barroso.

In yesterday’s post Anyone But Barroso and EU 2.0, we mentioned the Financial Times column by Wolfgang Münchau: Like a fish, Europe is rotting from its head.

Now we notice Commission Vice-President Margot Wallström interviewed by Swedish Europaportalen: Wallström ratar omval av Barroso (Wallström rejects re-election of Barroso).

In line with her PES affiliation and feminist leanings, Wallström proposes former Commissioner Anna Diamantopoulou from Greece.


As usual, Jon Worth backs Pascal Lamy, but the Director-General of the WTO has just been confirmed for a new four year term.


Among EPP grass roots I have yet to register the first spontaneous exclamation of joy on account of the nomination of Barroso, despite backing from the Congress.


The EU heads of state or government deliberately cut out EU citizens from having a say. They have managed to alienate citizens from their union, but have they made a good or even a popular choice?

Ralf Grahn

P.S. Anyone But Barroso website

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