Thursday 28 May 2009

Directory of European Community legislation in preparation

A new service of the European Union’s legal portal Eur-Lex is its Directory of European Community legislation in preparation.

(Although the European Union has practically replaced the term European Community except in legal documents, it is perhaps in order to refer to the “first pillar” EC in this context.)

The Directory is a helpful tool for those, who want to find the pending legislative proposals in any of twenty policy areas. It is then possible to narrow the search to a sub-area. Here is how Eur-Lex describes the tool and the main structure of the Directory:

Directory of Community legislation in preparation
You can print out the chapter of the Directory of Community legislation in preparation that you are interested in from the PDF files for each chapter. The larger chapters have been split into several PDF files.

• 01 General, financial and institutional matters (number of acts: 59)
• 02 Customs Union and free movement of goods (number of acts: 40)
• 03 Agriculture (number of acts: 110)
• 04 Fisheries (number of acts: 40)
• 05 Freedom of movement for workers and social policy (number of acts: 39)
• 06 Right of establishment and freedom to provide services (number of acts: 20)
• 07 Transport policy (number of acts: 91)
• 08 Competition policy (number of acts: 5)
• 09 Taxation (number of acts: 42)
• 10 Economic and monetary policy and free movement of capital (number of acts: 27)
• 11 External relations (number of acts: 412)
• 12 Energy (number of acts: 30)
• 13 Industrial policy and internal market (number of acts: 118)
• 14 Regional policy and coordination of structural instruments (number of acts: 17)
• 15 Environment, consumers and health protection (number of acts: 138)
• 16 Science, information, education and culture (number of acts: 24)
• 17 Law relating to undertakings (number of acts: 22)
• 18 Common Foreign and Security Policy (number of acts: 11)
• 19 Area of freedom, security and justice (number of acts: 114)
• 20 People's Europe (number of acts: 2)

Ralf Grahn

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