Friday 6 November 2009

Aland Islands and EU Lisbon Treaty (November 2009 update)

The Autonomy Committee (Självstyrelsepolitiska nämnden) of the Åland Parliament (Ålands lagting) has prepared an 18 page opinion for the Legal Committee (Lagutskottet), published 27 October 2009, and available in doc format through the link: Lissabonfördraget Självstyrelsepolitiska nämnden har avgivit sitt utlåtande till lagutskottet om Lissabonfördraget. Klicka här om du vill läsa utlåtandet.

The Legal Committee will issue a report on the application of the EU Treaty of Lisbon in the Åland Islands.

As yet, there is no plenary date for the debate and decision to approve or reject the amending treaty with regard to Åland.

Approval by the Åland Parliament plenary requires a qualified majority of two thirds of the 30 members in the regional parliament, and the decision concerns the application of the Lisbon Treaty in the Åland Islands, with regard to the areas with autonomous legislation.

Finland formally ratified the EU Treaty of Lisbon 30 September 2008.

The formal ratification process of the Lisbon Treaty will be concluded, when the Czech prime minister Jan Fischer deposits the 27th and last ratification instrument with the Italian government (foreign ministry) in Rome next Friday, 13 November, which means that the Treaty of Lisbon enters into force on 1 December 2009.

Thus, the Åland Islands can be expected to make its decision during the course of November in order to avoid a legal grey zone.

Ralf Grahn

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