Friday 27 November 2009

Giant Panda and Eurosphere

Does the Giant Panda exist? It may be a conservation reliant endangered species, but few would doubt its existence.

How about the Eurosphere, aka European public sphere, or a small part of it, the Euroblogs?

Euroblogs exist: aggregates 487 of them.

Joe Litobarski does not doubt that there are Euroblogs, he just asks Where is the European Blogosphere? (26 November 2009). A key phrase from the discussion is "Can we look beyond our national audience?”.


The Giant Panda needs conservation, the Euroblogs conversation. Both exist, but we need more of them.

Ralf Grahn

P.S. Do you find EUSSR myths fascinating? Are we EU citizens worth a better European Union? Educate yourself; there are already 487 Euroblogs aggregated on multilingual On most of the blogs you can comment and discuss our common European future.

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