Sunday 1 November 2009


Multilingual, which aggregates posts from 474 Euroblogs, offers opportunities for cross-border debate on European issues and enjoyable language learning. In principle, 25 languages are on offer, but I suspect that there are a still a number of ‘national’ blogs with broadly European themes, which nobody has thought of proposing to the editors of

You can propose a separate blog post or a new blog for inclusion on You can suggest your own blog or someone else’s weblog.

The registered blogs are fairly active. When I looked a short while ago, 164 had posted during the last seven days.

This weekend migrated to a new server and the design is slightly different.

The editors’ choices on Home are suitable for those who want to read a few selected articles.

Personally, I prefer to keep up to date by scanning all the posted articles on Posts and by taking a closer look at the ones I find especially interesting.

Ralf Grahn


  1. Thanks a lot for this post ;-)

    This weekend we moved to another server but somehow lost the colors and the design. That is why it looks rather different at the moment. Hopefully we will be able to fix it on Monday as we need the help of the server company.

    Generally we are still looking for editors that could cover languages which are currently neglected! At the moment I think we only have a good grasp of English and German (French and Spanish are catching up). So anyone that could help us expanding into other languages is more than welcome to join our team!

  2. Kosmopolito,

    An important pitch by you: More editors are needed, especially for other languages than English.

    This could also help update the editors' choices on the Home page quicker and it could lessen the crushing overweight of English among the selected blog posts.

    By the way, I looked closer at one category of VIP bloggers in my following post.


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