Wednesday 4 November 2009

Britain and EU: Crunch time for Cameron

Next we will get a cast-iron guarantee of prolonged institutional wrangling for the Conservative Party, Britain and the European Union, when David Cameron abandons his previous pledge to arrange a UK referendum on the EU’s Lisbon Treaty.

Later today, Tory leader David Cameron will present his party’s new policy on Europe, after his “fifth column”, Czech president Vaclav Klaus signed the ratification instrument of the Lisbon Treaty, democratically approved by the people of Ireland and 26 national parliaments. After the 27th and final ratification, the reform treaty is now set to enter into force from 1 December 2009.

British discussion

David Cameron and William Hague have been preparing the ground for shredding the referendum promise, because they have finally conceded that a plebiscite on the Lisbon Treaty has lost its meaning. This has not gone down well with the anti-EU press or with secessionist opinion, inside and outside the Conservative Party, because they have not promised a plebiscite on UK membership. The Tory government is in trouble long before it takes office.

The political parties accuse each other of broken promises, crusading media stir up anti-European emotion and the comments columns are filled with outcries against treachery.

For an outsider, it feels like a return to the dark ages of witch-hunts and pogroms to follow the EU discussion in Britain. Public opinion seems nearly totally disconnected from the European Union and European solidarity, indeed any sense of belonging or responsibility.

Whatever the Tory leadership says: prognosis pessima.

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Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

The public atmosphere in England is toxic enough to require a brighter end note, such as Nosemonkey’s “Liveblogging the Lisbon apocalypse” (3 November 2009).

Ralf Grahn

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  1. I don't think about these Discussion...

  2. London,

    Nobody forces you to think, but for the sake of our future I hope that there are citizens who want to think and wish to discuss.


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