Monday 23 November 2009

EU Lisbon Treaty implementation: Slowly into practice

By now, many Europeans know that the EU Treaty of Lisbon (OJEU 9.5.2008 C 115) enters into force on 1 December 2009. However, the flurry of activities to take the first decisions to get the treaty up and running obscures the fact that many adjustments take effect only after transitional periods and that a number of new procedures have to be put into place before they become living law.

(At the end of this blog post we look at some French books on the Lisbon Treaty.)

Jean-Luc-Sauron offers us an opportune reminder of the gradual coming into effect of the Lisbon Treaty, on Diploweb, the French web site for geopolitics:

Jean-Luc Sauron: Le traité de Lisbonne : un traité à effet retardé ? (, La revue géopolitique, 22 November 2009).


Sauron’s article is a detailed but short compilation of the Lisbon Treaty provisions with “delayed action”, a handy reference for serious students.

Books on the Lisbon Treaty (in French)

Since the literature on the Lisbon Treaty is still small and the standard books on EU law and politics have not yet fully integrated the amendments of the reform treaty, I take the opportunity to remind readers of the general introduction written by Jean-Luc Sauron: Comprendre le Traité de Lisbonne (Gualino éditeur, 2008). The book offers an overview of the changes as well as the preliminary consolidated texts of the provisions.

Another introduction for the (more) general reader is Étienne de Poncins: Le traité de Lisbonne en 27 clés (Éditions Lignes de Repères, 2008).

A more detailed book, for teachers and students, is François-Xavier Priollaud & David Siritzky : Le traité de Lisbonne (LaDocumentation française, 2008).

Ralf Grahn

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