Tuesday 17 July 2007

New posts

Since this blog (in English) has been silent for a while, I would like to mention that I have posted a few notes on European integration in Finnish and Swedish.

In Finnish on http://grahnlaw.blogs.fi

  • Paavo Lipponen
  • Frank Niess
  • Yleiseurooppalainen puolue?
  • Kristillisdemokraattien Eurooppa
  • Kristillisdemokraattien Eurooppa II
  • Wilfried Loth
  • Gerhard Brunn
  • Suvereniteetin konkurssi: Kansainliitto
  • Briandin suunnitelma I

In Swedish on http://bloggen.fi/grahnlaw and http://grahnblawg.blogg.se The contents are the same as in Finnish, but at this moment there are a few more articles in Swedish.

  • Paavo Lipponen
  • Frank Niess
  • Ett paneuropeiskt parti?
  • Kristdemokraternas Europa?
  • Kristdemokraternas Europa II
  • Wilfried Loth
  • Gerhard Brunn
  • Suveränt misslyckande: Nationernas förbund
  • Briandplanen I
  • Briandplanen II
  • Briandplanen III
  • Briandplanen IV
  • Europadebatten


Ralf Grahn

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