Saturday, 2 May 2009

Declan Ganley & Libertas: One big mess?

Declan Ganley + Libertas = 1 big mess?

Wasting Ganley’s money?

Making up claims?

When are we going to see a coherent programme for a better Europe?

Are Libertas’s calls for accountability and democracy a reactionary recipe for gridlock or a ticket to profound EU reform?


Ahead of the European elections, Libertas raises many questions, but offers few answers.

At this moment, very little in the way of credible policies has come out of Libertas’s first congress. This makes rational analysis difficult, which begs the question if it is the unintended result of amateurism or the chosen mode of operation for a disparate populist movement.

Despite the dearth of materials, I am going to dedicate a few blog posts to aspects of what Libertas is offering voters ahead of the European elections, to the extent that rational analysis is possible.

Sadly, I come to the conclusion that there is not enough material open to rational discussion. Don’t blame me, if voids have to be filled by speculation.



The chosen venue was Rome, officially where the EEC and Euratom Treaties of Rome were signed.

But Ganley’s recruitment drive and largesse seem to have attracted mostly nationalists, rejectionists and conservative Catholics from the hard line right of national politics. Thus, the seat of the Bishop of Rome may have resonated at a deeper level with many of the star performers and participants.



By the looks of it, there were hundreds of participants. Libertas, which has become known for presenting nice round figures, claims 1,000.

On Friday Declan Ganley made the following claim:

“Over a million of you have joined us through so far.”

A million Libertas members is an astonishing claim. It would be nice to see such an assertion substantiated with a suitable breakdown between national chapters.

Ralf Grahn

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