Saturday 2 May 2009

For Libertas Brussels is Washington

Most of Libertas’s political message seems to be cloned on the age-old platform of American populist movements and politicians: Vote for us to clean up Washington!

The only real difference is that Brussels has replaced Washington.

After muckraking demands for disclosure of EU expenses, budget cuts and reducing the number of meetings, there is not much policy left.

Interestingly, Libertas has been extremely shy of disclosing its own affairs. As long as no credible information is given, the only reasonable assumption is that Libertas is a vanity project of Declan Ganley and that its courtiers and national chapters depend on his largesse.



The Libertas web site reminds us that the European elections start in some 33 days, but we are still greeted by this disclaimer about policies:

“The Libertas programme for a better Europe will be published on this site in the coming weeks.”

For a new political movement, there may have been excuses for this message until its great gathering, but it remains posted on the web page even after the first Libertas congress in Rome.

Ralf Grahn

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